Greetings from Linda

Greetings to all my current clients and future clients.  I have been a medical intuitive and psychic since 1993.  My work is the subject of a book written by my husband David entitled The Healing Gift: Exploring the Remarkable World of a Medical Intuitive that is available for sale on this website.  This website will serve as a palette for all of my various interests ranging from health, spirituality, mysticism, happiness, family & cooking.  I will leave it to the talking head pundits to cover the global negativity that is all around.  Instead, I will focus on positive energy and Godliness that is also all around.  I believe in self empowerment through positive energy that one can get through the powers of restorative healing.  This involves a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual detoxification processes. I will weigh in on such heady subjects as homeopathy, nutrition, dogs, music, organic vegetables, and meditation.  I look forward to an exchange of ideas for improving our world individually and collectively.

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